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motorbike/becak horror smash – Siying saves unborn child

Jogja was full of excitement and danger, and one night Siying took the full brunt. On the way to the opening, happily meandering down Jalan Suryodiningratan with our becak driver, a motorbike decided to overtake coming the other way. unfortunately he was going a little fast, and didn’t make it back in time, and so hit the side of our becak. Siying’s arm was caught in the crossfire and the motorbike driver crashed and rolled. Good on you Siying, saving Hayley and the unborn… disaster 3 diverted.

the underside bruise


everyday suprises

Wimo's wall drawing (details)

working, sweating..

working on arts

Tobias’ in progress inherent concerns

Tobias work

photography by Siying Zhou

We are in Jogia!!

In Yogyarkata

photography by Siying Zhou

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We’v got a visitor

Meeting Andy

Andy's visit

'Best of Both Worlds' (working title) 2009

'Best of Both Worlds' (working title) 2009

As a starting point for ‘Immemorial’ I explored family photo albums

Upon close inspection I had the stark realisation that my Aboriginal family members images had been manipulated by the photographer / printer, so they they actually looked whiter (than their white spouses!)

So much so, that they actually look like ghosts

Bahasa Indonesia:

Sebagai titik awal untuk ‘purbakala’ Aku menjelajahi album foto keluarga

Setelah pemeriksaan dekat dingin aku punya kesadaran bahwa saya anggota keluarga gambar Aborigin telah dimanipulasi oleh fotografer / printer, sehingga mereka mereka benar-benar tampak lebih putih (dibandingkan dengan pasangan kulit putih!)

Begitu banyak sehingga, bahwa mereka benar-benar tampak seperti hantu 



Haberfield Saga

Last Windjammer780” But they did reach the coast safely and were able to get passage on a windjammer about to sail for the colony of New South Wales. The story goes that Patrick feared the English were so close to finding him, that he and Maria ran up the gangplank, dropped the baby and broke his legs. The story also goes that, on the long and difficult voyage, the baby got rickets. Whether or not these stories are true, Richard survived the trauma. ‘ He was a sturdy little boy’. Quite…..”

Susan Stanton, The Story of the name HABERFIELD,  2008.

welcome Lashita, Caroline

I understand all the Indonesian artists have met with Sudjud to discuss the project, what are your thoughts on the project concept, have you decided what work you will create? can you tell us something of your individual position regarding the project concept?


hi to all the indonesian artists

we are waiting eagerly for you to join the blog to meet you, start discussion and plan our trip.