'Best of Both Worlds' (working title) 2009

'Best of Both Worlds' (working title) 2009

As a starting point for ‘Immemorial’ I explored family photo albums

Upon close inspection I had the stark realisation that my Aboriginal family members images had been manipulated by the photographer / printer, so they they actually looked whiter (than their white spouses!)

So much so, that they actually look like ghosts

Bahasa Indonesia:

Sebagai titik awal untuk ‘purbakala’ Aku menjelajahi album foto keluarga

Setelah pemeriksaan dekat dingin aku punya kesadaran bahwa saya anggota keluarga gambar Aborigin telah dimanipulasi oleh fotografer / printer, sehingga mereka mereka benar-benar tampak lebih putih (dibandingkan dengan pasangan kulit putih!)

Begitu banyak sehingga, bahwa mereka benar-benar tampak seperti hantu 




my blog update

the carrot joke – Hayley West blog

with some work i’m taking to Yogya if anyone’s interested 😛

Haberfield Saga

Last Windjammer780” But they did reach the coast safely and were able to get passage on a windjammer about to sail for the colony of New South Wales. The story goes that Patrick feared the English were so close to finding him, that he and Maria ran up the gangplank, dropped the baby and broke his legs. The story also goes that, on the long and difficult voyage, the baby got rickets. Whether or not these stories are true, Richard survived the trauma. ‘ He was a sturdy little boy’. Quite…..”

Susan Stanton, The Story of the name HABERFIELD,  2008.

welcome Lashita, Caroline

I understand all the Indonesian artists have met with Sudjud to discuss the project, what are your thoughts on the project concept, have you decided what work you will create? can you tell us something of your individual position regarding the project concept?


native gecko

leaf tail native gekko

leaf tail native gekko

Saya sudah memikirkan Darwin yang mana dan jogjakarta mempunyai di common Kami kedua mempunyai gekko ‘s Yang berwarna yang merah jambu gekkos dari Indonesia sudah berakhir di Australia, kami melihat mereka terus di Darwin tetapi gekko ‘s asli ke Australia adalah biasanya sedikit lebih tidak tak nyata Ive berhasil mengambil foto beberapa lately, Heres sesuatu di rumah teman saya di Tuntable Creek, New South Wales Utara Saya mencintai mereka sama sekali


i have been thinking about what darwin and jogjakarta have in common…

we both have gekko’s ; )

-> the pink coloured gekkos from indonesia have ended up in australia, we see them all the time in Darwin but gekko’s native to australia are usually a bit less obvious

ive managed to take photos of some lately -> heres one at my friend house in Tuntable Creek, Northern New South Wales

i love them all

jenny fraser

a dukun and me

Selamat Siang!

I’ve been thinking about this idea for sometime, but was waiting until some dialogue started on the blog… now I’ve been thinking I should just start ;P

As a child I dabbled in the world of séances frequently, but as I have grown older and more of my family have died, I’ve been a little reluctant to revisit the world of spirits. Recently however my artwork has begun focusing on death, often with my own family – particularly my younger sister, uncle, father and mother. I’m not sure if I want to head in this direction with my artwork, but the feeling that I should is quite intense. Since my mother died two years ago, my father particularly is a very strong presence in my waking and sleeping states.

I’d like to have a performative element to my work for immemorial, and have been doing research into the role of dukuns in Java. I understand that a dukun can a variety of roles, what I am looking for is a ‘soothsay’ experience – that is, the consultation of dead relatives on my behalf.

What I would like to know from the Indonesian artists is – would it be appropriate for a female westerner to call on a dukun? I don’t want to be cultural insensitive in anyway. And if it is ok for me to do this, do you, or anyone you know, have access to a dukun in Yogya? I also would like to know if a dukun would be ok with being part of a wider ‘art’ context.

Any thoughts on this idea would be much appreciated.

Cheers, Hayley

hi to all the indonesian artists

we are waiting eagerly for you to join the blog to meet you, start discussion and plan our trip.

the diver


'Best of Both Worlds' (working title) 2009

'Best of Both Worlds' (working title) 2009

immemorial – a lot mmm

im·me·mo·ri·al Pronunciation (m-môrl, -mr-)

Reaching beyond the limits of memory, tradition, or recorded history.

[Medieval Latin immemorilis : Latin in-, not; see in-1 + Latin memorilis, memorial; see memorial.]

imme·mori·al·ly adv.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2003. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.


having existed or happened for longer than anyone can remember: this has been the custom since time immemorial

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ThesaurusLegend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
Adj. 1. immemorial – long past; beyond the limits of memory or tradition or recorded history; “time immemorial”

old – of long duration; not new; “old tradition”; “old house”; “old wine”; “old country”; “old friendships”; “old money”
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adjective age-old, ancient, long-standing, traditional, fixed, rooted, archaic, time-honoured, of yore, olden (archaic)

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