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a dukun and me

Selamat Siang!

I’ve been thinking about this idea for sometime, but was waiting until some dialogue started on the blog… now I’ve been thinking I should just start ;P

As a child I dabbled in the world of séances frequently, but as I have grown older and more of my family have died, I’ve been a little reluctant to revisit the world of spirits. Recently however my artwork has begun focusing on death, often with my own family – particularly my younger sister, uncle, father and mother. I’m not sure if I want to head in this direction with my artwork, but the feeling that I should is quite intense. Since my mother died two years ago, my father particularly is a very strong presence in my waking and sleeping states.

I’d like to have a performative element to my work for immemorial, and have been doing research into the role of dukuns in Java. I understand that a dukun can a variety of roles, what I am looking for is a ‘soothsay’ experience – that is, the consultation of dead relatives on my behalf.

What I would like to know from the Indonesian artists is – would it be appropriate for a female westerner to call on a dukun? I don’t want to be cultural insensitive in anyway. And if it is ok for me to do this, do you, or anyone you know, have access to a dukun in Yogya? I also would like to know if a dukun would be ok with being part of a wider ‘art’ context.

Any thoughts on this idea would be much appreciated.

Cheers, Hayley