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Aliens Abduct Art Critic

We spent a lovely two days in breezy Seminyak, Bali and on the last night headed down to Jimbaran for some seafood on the beach. After being serenaded by the band playing Dire Straits, our intrepid art critic Ashley decided to take a piss in the ocean. Instead of coming straight back to the table, he took a stroll on the beach. Two hours later we were looking at his thongs and ciggies, and quite frankly freaking out. Searches by us and waiters proved fruitless, we decided to go back to the hotel without him. To cut a long story short, Steve received a call at 3am saying he had been found in Kuta. Ashley remembers walking on the beach, then hours later waking up in a police station. His phone, which unfortunately was back at the hotel, had mysterious calls from +62 11111111111 and there is scar tissue on the back of his neck. The main thing is, he is alive and well, and we have all arrived in Yogyakarta, a bit shaken up, but also alive and well.images